Art & Craft as Self-help Art Therapy

Welcome to Crafty Divaz Aus crafting space!
We live in a pretty crazy, busy, mixed up world…

I encorouge and welcome everyone to join me in my current journey.

Currently, I find myself living as a stay at home wife and mum with the urge to create! I aim to post ideas and tips on finding yourself time and energy to fulfill your need to be creative. I plan to give ideas on how to complete craft projects whilst helping you find ways to ensure you’re not neglecting other parts of your lives.

There seems to be a lot of people in the world looking to find time and energy to create hand crafting art while living as stay at home mum’s and wives (or dad’s and husbands :)). It can sometimes be quite a struggle if your have children below the age of three, but I find it increasingly impossible to ignore my inner urge to be creative. If you ignore the inner urge to design and create, it seems as though there is a general concensus that it leaves a person feeling like something is missing from life.

It is hard at times but it can be done, I returned to my craft hobbies after almost a year or more when our two year old toddler was approximately eight months old.
I am so much happier and have less stress and anxiety the days I am able to work towards my craft work!

I find that often the best remedy for stress is to follow the dream and feeling of needing to be creative, if only for short bursts of time. Even if you find that you can only spare ten minutes at a day, it can help give you a feeling like you have accomplished something for that day other then the usual normal routine.

Being creative can help relieve a lot of everyday stress and reduce anxiety and other related issues. It can be used as a form of self help therapy for people with stress or issues related to depression.

(Anyone with serious issues related to mental illness are welcome to use any of my ideas to help relieve your symptoms, but please remember that I am not a doctor. Please seek professional advice for any health related issues you may have.)


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