Ten Stages of Healing

Very helpful to all kinds of situations and life events!

Gail Goodwin

Change can often be a daunting process that leaves you feeling out of control. When you are in control, you tend to feel secure and comfortable. Change can destabilise your emotions, triggering feelings of insecurity and a greater loss of control. Change can create chaos, confusion, and even symptoms of depression, but it’s presence in your life means that healing is taking place. There are ten stages involved in the process of healing. It’s a universal journey that comes with an easy-to-read map once you recognise the chaos in your life for what it really is. Each stage on the path to healing is necessary and normal. They are:

1. Shock
2. Denial
3. Pain
4. Bargaining
5. Depression
6. Surrender
7. Recovery
8. Rebirth
9. Moving On
10. Philanthropy

A change in your circumstances, large or small, can trigger varying degrees of hurt, pain, loss, grief or deep unhappiness…

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