Unfinished projects…

Editing, re-vamping and moving old site!

(Editing posts from old blog, moving to the correct wordpress address, so I do apologise in advance for any missed errors etc)

I was going so well for while and was starting to enjoy blogging, although it’s a it hard to satisfy my hubbies obsessiveness over keeping my identity private…. He stresses me out about not letting any of his relatives know about my medical condition and how unsafe it is to post online etc…

So I was distracted for quite some time with trying to decide whether to continue blogging or not. I was trying to convince him that I had hardly any visibility online and not having many followers of the blog and needing to vent and to satisfy my need to create something that other people would see.

It’s so hard to keep up when you have several different ideas that you want to try. It’s especially hard if you are unable to link the project ideas together and they have to be done completely seprately…

My main idea is to utilise my craft ideas related to using Art and Craft as Self-Help Therapy. This is one of the main topics I have chosen to target the most. I was originally keeping my Self-Help idea and my Art/Craft blog seperate, but I decided that in actual fact they are related! Once I realised how much my art and craft was helping my problems with stress and anxiety, i decided to combine my two blogs together!

This way I will be able to maintain my single blog much easier and continue adding more regular posts etc!

One of my other ideas is to use my few sewing talents and try to create some type of dress for something like Guinness Book of Records or something like but likely I’d start but not get very far due to depression or my feeling stupid and useless…

Mostly I had feelings of “Meh” what’s the point of my trying to do “Anything” I usually stuff things up anyway. I have now progressed to feelings of “Whatever”… I’m kinda borderline at the moment but have started to feel like I don’t want to sleep which can be like a Warning sign.

Either I’d end up EXTREMELY depressed, irritable or start going hypo which is how I describe my hypomania/mania (which ever I get I’m still unsure).

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