Desperate for my creative time!?

Ok, so it’s another one of those nights that I know I’m scheduled to post on my blog, but I have to watch our sleeping toddler. We are a co-sleeping family, so he’s so used to sleeping with atleast one of us with him that he wakes up if I try to leave him alone to sleep so I can be crafty and creative.

This means that I am really limited on what I can create as he also needs the room dark. If I choose to blog, I have to write and post from the ipad, which means high risk of errors.

I’ve also noticed that it can be pretty tricky at times trying to find and enough time and being able to focus on creative work while running a household and looking after kids. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to find time around doing household chores and answering requests from your family.

Even if you try to distract your kids or partner enough to get any work done, it can also be hard to get complete time alone so that you can consentrate. Other times, even if you manage to make time while everyone’s asleep etc, maybe you will also be too tired yourself or unable to focus from a busy brain still thinking overdrive about household and family issues.

Sometimes it can be a Godsend to be so busy, as it can also help reduce time for you to be thinking too many negative thoughts. Other times, it can be extra hard to wind down and really relax and not have to think anything tiring, draining or stressful.

For people that have a creative nature and find that they really do relax more when they are able to create, it can be down right annoying. Sometims you really do need some alone “me” time, it helps you to rethink anything you need to decide, or to avoid thinking or remembering any negative thoughts or memories. Sometimes you need to be a little selfish and either ask or make time for yourself.

If you find you have trouble letting go of thoughts about daily routine activities or events, take a relaxing hot bath or shower before attempting a creative session. Play some relaxing or motivational music to get yourself going. Try to be flexible on how you attempt to find time for your creative session.

If necessary, get family members incolved in some type of art or craft activity, that way you can remain in their presence and watch your chikdre etc. If you can’t manage to have one long creatice session, use short bursts of time and energy to do small creative tasks throughout the day.

There are many other ways to manage your time and energy to ensure you get your alone creative time. Make sure if you do really need to relax or be creatuve that you do what you can to get that much needed time.

Neglecting your needs and wants will create frustration and drain you of emotional and physical energy. Everyone needs to have atleast some of their wants and needs met once in a while, even stressed out parents and people with emotional stress or strain! So make sure you get your managerial feet in gear and ensure you get your crative time and space to yourself for a while, you’ll be happier for it.


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