Some of my projects

I thought, I’d post an extra post and actually write a little about what I have been creating and putting up for sale in my Etsy store. Below are two of my Motivational Quote Posters I have for sale in my Etsy store.

I have been using my emotional energy to create various pieces of artwork in my Art Journalling and also generating and creating various different types of Junk Journals. Some of the artwork I create in my Art Journalling I am incorporating into products for my Etsy store and some I keep for my own personal use at home for private viewing.

My Art Journal pages are mainly created using various different Art Journalling techniques, prompts and ideas that I usually find off the internet and from YouTube videos. Most of my work is created using Acrylic or water colour paint, Derwent coloured pencils and water colour pencils, Artist coloured markers, fine liners and other odds and ends such as glitter glue. I even sometimes use odd supplies such as nail polish to add just the right amount of glitter, colour or shine to some of my artwork.

I do some work now and then in creating other types of paper craft items such as scrapbooks and mini scrapbook albums. I feel as though I need a bit more improvement and experience in these areas before I am brave enough to start putting them up for sale, but I will happily add pictures of some of the albums I have made so far to get some input etc. Currently I have about two-three scrapbook albums in progress, one large one for out sons baby photo’s, one large wedding album and two or three mini albums I am working on. I still have another two or three that I ‘plan’ to create as presents to take overseas to give to a few of my husbands relatives. I need to get myself into gear and get them done before December as we plan to go over to see them in next coming January…  😀

At the moment I mostly enjoy Art Journalling and making Junk Journals though, as these give me the most confidence and happiness at seeing how well I am able to finish them. A lot of my time is taken up with painting recycled papers, newspapers etc.  I stick together several pages to make them thicker and sturdier before I paint them and currently have almost ten individual pages already painted waiting to be used in projects. Most of them are meant to be used for front covers, I will post pictures of these as they progress.








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