Late Blog Post – Quick Update

This weekend we had our toddler’s birthday party. I was totally unable to write a blog post, let alone post it online.

Here’s a little about what I’ve been thinking about and working on lately…

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I’ve read a few tips online about starting small business ideas etc and posting video’s and information online about products to sell versus posting information and blogs/vlogs etc about things like mental health. Most of what I’ve real lately all points to people believing that products and art/craft that you try to sell and information you give about dealing with emotional and mental health issues should be kept seperate.

I’m of the opinion that in some circumstances this may be unnecessary. For me, my art/craft is actually a form of therapy for the emotional and mental health issues that I have. They help me deal with the pain and confusion I suffer with anxiety and from the symptoms I live with. Some of my business or product ideas actually focus on how I use my art and craft in dealing with all of these issues.

I plan on completing my zines and e-book and try to post them online on Easy in order to sell them. I plan to try to make some profit from selling them to help buy more supplies etc to continue my creative processes in order to continue to try keeping me more happy and sane from the emotional upheaval of my symptoms.

I don’t think it is absolutely necessary in my circumstances to keep my craft/art and my emotional and mental symptoms and issues one hundred percent seperate. Some people I chat to online have openly asked me how I deal with my symptoms and my craft and art play a very big role in my managing my symptoms.

I used my craft and art work to help maintain my sanity and reasonable emotional levels while I was off all my medications since I married my husband in 2012. For atlas four years I was able to continue a reasonably normal life without taking any medication for my emotional or mental health. Although I have now been put back on medications from a new psychiatrist I have started seeing, I will happily continue using my creativity to assist in managing my symptoms.

For me my creativity is a way to vent, it lets out the angry and other negative emotions in more safe, non-egressive ways. It helps to vent any negative emotions I may have against anyone and helps reduce any rude or bad behaviour I may show against anyone. When I am feeling low, it helps make me feel somewhat useful and productive and gives me atlas a small level of confidence. It gives me extra excuses to get out and try to communicate with other people. It stops me from wanting to completely hide in the house away from others and makes me really want to talk to people and show them my artwork.

I may edit my zines and e-book not to be solely about managing my symptoms without medications, but I will definitely continue working on them as the main ideas behind them are about using creativity, craft and art work to help manage emotional and mental health symptoms.

If you use your creativity in helping you deal emotionally or mentally, I’d love for you to post links or pictures of what you create. Let me know, I’d love to look at what other people do to cope and what artwork other people create.


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