My first Etsy Sale This Week!

My newest update is all about me gaining an Etsy sale on my store! Ok, so as usual it’s all about me… It’s certainly good to be able to post something positive for once!

Ok, so it’s not as if I had a junk journal sold for more then $50AUD, but I did get a legitimate sale! It was a digital stamp image that I listed on my Etsy store CraftyDivazAus.

Circus Girls Grp - Small Pic - Watermark

Digital images/products can’t be refunded or returned, because of course, you can’t return a downloaded image once it’s already been downloaded… Once payment is completed I think it may also be an automatic download, I am unsure as I’ve never bought a digital product yet myself.

I have been playing around with my product listing information on Etsy this week. Even though I managed to get my junk journals listed within the first 10 pages of the Etsy search engine, I still don’t quite understand how it all works. SEO is a tricky business, no matter how “simple” a description people think they supply, my busy, tired, emotional bran just doesn’t “get it”, hehehe.

Anyhow, every time I “think” I have started to understand how it might all work, my theories turn out wrong, it’s like I “fluked” it and managed to get my junk journals listed in reasonable spots on Etsy list. I simply can’t manage to get my digital images listed before the 9th page. I don’t understand how my “customer” even found the image that they bought, I only managed to get the product they bought onto the 9th page today…

Still, I am much grateful to my client and to God, even if I don’t understand it, and even though it was only a sale for less then $5.00 AUD, it’s still an achievement for me!

It’s good to be able to enjoy the positives in life when they become available! To be able to handle the negative things in life and handle our stress better, it’s good to be able to appreciate and think about the good things in life! When we can it’s good to be grateful for the good things we get in life, in order to be able to put things into perspective at least some of the time.

If we never get to think about the positives in life and enjoy our achievements, how would we be able to handle all the continuous negatives? It’s certainly good to be able to think about something good about myself that I was able to accomplish. It’s especially good to know that sometimes I am actually able to get some positive achievement on my own.


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