Self Help Ideas To Uplift Your Mood

Depression and other bouts of low mood can really put your life perspective and ideas about yourself way down on the scale. You can end up feeling terrible and sad for most of your days and sometimes it can become a cycle of negative thought patterns and negative emotions that seems almost impossible to get out of.

There are various ways a person can help lift their mood or thought patterns that everyone can try if they are unable to receive immediate therapeutic help from medical practitioners. While they might not solve the underlying issues causing the bouts of sadness or depression, they can certainly help with maintaining reduced negative thoughts and emotions.

Try talking to a close trusted friend or relative about anything that bothers you, or try writing about it in a journal. The main aim is to get the negative thoughts and emotions out of your system, to name and acknowledge them.

Take some time out by simply relaxing or resting, or go outside for a walk to take a break from any work that you are doing. Take time to smell the roses and look around at nature.

Try some relaxation or meditation techniques, if you find it hard to concentrate or meditate on your own, try playing a relaxation or meditation video online such as on Youtube or any similar online source.

Make sure that you are getting enough sleep at nights and that you are not feeling tired too often. Deprivation of sleep can cause a person to feel more negative and lethargic.

If you’re working on a particularly hard major project, list everything that has to get done and break them down into smaller projects that you can get done and give yourself small prizes for accomplishing each task.

Try some grounding exercises by taking approximately two to five minutes focussing only on your breathing and relaxing all your muscles.

All of these ideas can help you to try to help yourself feel better within yourself, but above all, try to spend some time really listening to your inner self. Try to pinpoint any major issues that are bothering you and making you upset the most and try to find ways to solve or reduce their affect upon yourself.

Use art or craft as a way to distract you from minor smaller issues that are not majorly problematic. Try using your art to let out some of your negative emotions and to try to reduce their affect on you.

If you are interested in learning how Self Help Art therapy can help you reduce your stress and negative emotions and thoughts, my new E-Book Creative Happiness might be useful to you. If you’re interested in reading it let me know and I will let you know when it’s available.



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