How to figure it all out…?

I signed in to my Etsy store just a few days ago to take a look to consider whether I should shut it down as I wasn’t getting any sales. I was about to do what my husband suggested and give up on my crafting as it was taking too much of my time and energy that I aught to concentrate on making my son and husband happy and well cared for.

When I logged in with the idea that I aught to close it down and get rid of my craft supplies, I saw that I a had a sale, and it was one of my better priced items. It was a few days late already but I tried to message the buyer that I had been offline due to family and health reasons and I asked if they still wanted the item. They didn’t try to cancel the order or didn’t ask for their money back which had already been paid for the item so I went ahead and posted it.

So now I am deliberating on whether to continue making my junk journals as only a part time hobby, I can just list the items as I complete them and see how it goes?

What is the best way to decide such things? When and how can we know whether to give up? If anyone has any insight as to how to make such decisions please leave comments.




3 thoughts on “How to figure it all out…?

  1. Never give up your art. Never give up your Etsy shop (it’s cheap enough to operate).

    You may need to adjust expectations. Create for the life-affirming joy of it. Create because it feeds you. Let sales be a nice surprise instead of a goal.

    I’m sure your family is just fine.

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    • Thanks for the reply and the positive notes! Yes, that’s how I choose to look at it now and as long as I don’t get too overly consumed by it for too many hours husband thinks I should continue as a hobby and just sell whatever like you said like a surprise… I give up & don’t look for a while and get surprised by a sale every once in a while… Hope you are well!

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  2. Shame on your hubby for suggesting such a thing. too many women push their needs and such aside for years, just to wind up frustrated. Please hold onto ur crafting. if u are like me, my painting and creating makes me happy. you cant focus 100% on others and forget about your happiness. if its just a time issue, set aside a certain amount a day or a week for work on your crafting. if you sell stuff great…if it makes you happy…even better. i joined a “happy mail” group on FB..that makes me happy to send this and that to a stranger. life is so very short…keep on crafting! i made my mom a junk journal…she loves it!

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