Dear crafters and artists, let me introduce myself!

I’m Crafty Divaz, your newest creative DIY handmade crafts lady from Melbourne, Australia. I am currently spending my time as a full-time mother and housewife, currently part-time craft/artist. I started out by studying a fashion design course here in Melbourne, unable to find enough motivation to fight hard enough to work in the fashion industry I worked in several unrelated jobs until I met my hubby and gave up full-time work once we got married.

I have always loved my fashion designing and creating hand craft and art work. I’m one of the ladies guilty of flitting between craft types. I never really settled on one fixed craft, but I have been focussing mostly on a select number of crafts, some of which were not so good, others I am continuing. I will post about all of them in time, some for humour and fun, others I will give you my insight and technique ideas.

I will be including craft tutorials, DIY pages and experiment blog posts to help anyone looking for extra ideas on fun and useful crafts/art to try.

My Etsy store, where I sell some of my art/craft for income to buy more art/craft supplies.

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