Medical Disclaimer


This Website/Blog contains general information about medical conditions and self-help methods. The information given is not medical advice and should not be treated as such.

Warning –

Some of the details included relate to symptoms and depressive thoughts and may even include thoughts related to self-harm or suicide. Some of the information included may trigger negative or depressive symptoms for some people.

If you find that reading about topics related to negative, depressive or suicidal thoughts and behavours, then reading some of the posts included in this Website/Blog may trigger some of your symptoms/problems. If you’re at risk of becoming negatively influenced by reading other people negative experiences then I urge you to reconsider reading posts which include warnings at the beggining.

Information on this Website/Blog is to be used alongside any advice of tratement provided by your medical practioners, not as a substitute to treatment suggested to you. Under no circumstance should anyone ignore advice from medical staff in order to follow information given on this Website/Blog. You must not rely on this website/blog as an alternative to medical advice given from your doctor or other medical healthcare provider. If you think you are suffering from any mental health related issues or you have suicidal or self-harming thoughts or issues you should seek medical attention.

You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard any medical advice or discontinue any medical treatment because of information, examples or suggestions on this Website/Blog. Always seek advice from your medical adviser before trying anything described on this Website/Blog to ensure it won’t adversely affect your treatment.

I will not accept responsibility for any decisions made by anyone after having read or participated in communications via my Website/Blog.

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