Obsessed – Or Is Craft Therapy a Necessity?


Am I more content to work on my online Etsy store then I am in talking to my family and friends in real life?

I just came back online again after a few days trying to abstain from coming online to test a theory of my husbands and someone on a Facebook group that I was chatting to a few days ago. There is some belief that a feeling of needing to communicate online and trying to use art or craft, to try to get your name even a little “known” is like a symptom of mental illness.

There seems to be a belief that being online too much is bad for people, in some ways if it becomes too much of an obsession, yes it could hamper a person. It could get in the way of the person getting more important daily chores done or could affect how much communication and attention the person gives other people in the real world.

Sometimes because people you chat to online aren’t really in front of you it can feel easier to communicate with them as there is less possibility of being hurt or embarrassed. People seem more attentive on line as they give themselves more time to concentrate better on what they online, people seem less distracted by other issues or people as they concentrate on their online conversations.

People are more inclined to think twice before they post or chat online as it’s most often done in the written format. Therefore people you communicate with online may seem nicer and more polite.

My communications online and other online activities in trying to get my artwork noticed are more therapeutic, my communications with people in real life are often riddled with pain and misunderstanding. What are we to make of this? Is there any possible meaning or reason as to why some of us really do feel more happier communicating and making friends online?

How to keep going when you’re emotionally low…

When your emotional or mental health is at a low point, it can get pretty hard to keep working at trying to improve yourself. It can be pretty hard to work on improving your emotional health when you are too busy trying to stop it from getting worse. Sometimes it may seem hard enough merely to stop yourself from getting so low that you might resort to drastic negative steps such as hurting yourself to relieve some of the emotional pain you may be feeling.

Fighting off the negative demon’s can be so hard that it takes all your emotional energy and you often feel you don’t have enough to devote to try to make yourself happier for quite some time.

However, unless you totally give up on life and take the easy way out via suicide, there is no other option but to keep going. To continue living and continue on with everyday chores and duties that are assigned to you by your sex, age and your status in life.

Once you have struck rock bottom, it’s actually pretty easy to get back up and to continue working on everything, because as I said, unless you take the easy way out, there is actually no where else for you to go and nothing else to do. Once you get to the lowest point emotionally or physically, there is no other direction to go. Once you get to the point that you can’t go any lower, you can only go higher and can only improve, as you can’t get any worse already…

Also it’s key that you try to remember and visualise other times when you know you have been in a better situation, as this reminds and shows you that you can and have done better in the past. So you can see that you actually can do better again now as well. To know and remember that you have been emotionally healthier and happier is the best motivator, as you can’t disprove to yourself that you can’t manage to improve as you have already seen yourself in a better state.

It makes the process easier to simply live every day individually without planning too much for the future and without allowing yourself to wallow in any past failure or negative thoughts. Any short amount of time you manage to get something done should be seen as an accomplishment and used to help motivate you to get more done. Give yourself small prices as a celebration for every small goal you achieve and allow yourself to be happy with all small accomplishments.

If necessary make short lists of all things that you need to get done and don’t allow yourself to worry too much about any larger goals you need to get done, as this will possibly lead to procrastination and needless worry and stress.

Use positive affirmations and anything other positive information that you find helpful to help motivate yourself. Get someone who loves you to help motivate you, or try playing happy positive songs to get yourself going.

The main thing to remember is that you are only human, and every human is known to be making mistakes once in a while and that it’s not the end of the world if mistakes are made, days continue passing and people will continue to love you no matter what.


Self Help Ideas To Uplift Your Mood

Depression and other bouts of low mood can really put your life perspective and ideas about yourself way down on the scale. You can end up feeling terrible and sad for most of your days and sometimes it can become a cycle of negative thought patterns and negative emotions that seems almost impossible to get out of.

There are various ways a person can help lift their mood or thought patterns that everyone can try if they are unable to receive immediate therapeutic help from medical practitioners. While they might not solve the underlying issues causing the bouts of sadness or depression, they can certainly help with maintaining reduced negative thoughts and emotions.

Try talking to a close trusted friend or relative about anything that bothers you, or try writing about it in a journal. The main aim is to get the negative thoughts and emotions out of your system, to name and acknowledge them.

Take some time out by simply relaxing or resting, or go outside for a walk to take a break from any work that you are doing. Take time to smell the roses and look around at nature.

Try some relaxation or meditation techniques, if you find it hard to concentrate or meditate on your own, try playing a relaxation or meditation video online such as on Youtube or any similar online source.

Make sure that you are getting enough sleep at nights and that you are not feeling tired too often. Deprivation of sleep can cause a person to feel more negative and lethargic.

If you’re working on a particularly hard major project, list everything that has to get done and break them down into smaller projects that you can get done and give yourself small prizes for accomplishing each task.

Try some grounding exercises by taking approximately two to five minutes focussing only on your breathing and relaxing all your muscles.

All of these ideas can help you to try to help yourself feel better within yourself, but above all, try to spend some time really listening to your inner self. Try to pinpoint any major issues that are bothering you and making you upset the most and try to find ways to solve or reduce their affect upon yourself.

Use art or craft as a way to distract you from minor smaller issues that are not majorly problematic. Try using your art to let out some of your negative emotions and to try to reduce their affect on you.

If you are interested in learning how Self Help Art therapy can help you reduce your stress and negative emotions and thoughts, my new E-Book Creative Happiness might be useful to you. If you’re interested in reading it let me know and I will let you know when it’s available.


Haven’t been “blogging” in a while…

I took a short break from “blogging” while I worked on a major personal project related to using art as self therapy…

I also had a few health issues pop up and rear their ugly heads again. My health kept me back mostly due to both emotional as well as physical pain I had do deal with. Both kept me from being very motivated to doing much creatively, but mostly my main project had me busy for most of my busy time as I am getting very near to completing it. This main project was also helping me a lot with dealing with my emotional pain and issues and so I allowed myself to focus mainly on that for this reason also.

Sometimes we need to step back from some of our commitments if something more important and more beneficial has to be done. As this project I was working on was helping me so much with my working on my emotional and mental health I allowed it to become my main focus and so I was unable to get online as much as I would have liked and I was unable to spare enough time to work on my blog.

I have been working on an online self help guide using art and craft exercises for people to use their art and craft as self therapy to finding better happiness. It includes a short biography of my life and my symptoms and then goes into how to use art and craft for people with similar emotional issues to help decrease emotional symptoms and become happier and less stressed emotionally.

I am almost ready to launch a product that I am going to put online for sale sometime close to near years eve in 2017. I will be taking the next few months to test the product and ensure that it gives the benefits to people that I hope it to. I will be looking to find some volunteers to help me test the product, I have so far one extra volunteer and will be looking to find at least a few more before the end of the year.

If anyone is interested in helping out in testing my product, you can contact me either via email at: craftydivazaus@gmail.com   or on my Facebook account using Private Messaging: Jay Divaz 



Panic Attack?

Bipolar Zine Mum

I truly don’t know if it’s a panic attack or not, but it feels like stress and anxiety jacked up on steroids. It’s this seemingly never ending buzz in your head that’s one of the hardest symptom to deal with. It can get so bad that you start to believe you can physically feel a sort of tingly pain in your head, sort a cross between getting water up your nose and pins and needles, but you feel it kind of inside your head. This feeling can cause a person to want to hit their head on a wall to get it to stop.

This is one of the worst states a person can be in. This is the time a person can be at their utmost vulnerable. You have to be extremely super careful who you are with while in this sort of a state, because if they aren’t willing to help you, a person could easily do something to harm themselves while in a state like this. This would be when a more normal, caring person would be tempted to call for medical intervention.

My husband and mother, on the other hand, prefer to use the ‘wait it out’ method, because they are both afraid of the possible consequences of my being put into hospital or worse. There is always the worry that if I’m seen by outside professionals that we might possibly loose our child.

Then there’s the worry that I might be put on so much medication that I may loose some of my sense of emotion. Or that being put on too much medication, there might be physical side effects that might affect other parts of my health.

After a few hours, the feeling of pain starts to slowly recede, and I am left with a sort of unusual milder pain more like a headache. I feel as though I am emotionally drained, I feel sort of numb and unmotivated but I feel some level of agitation and stress all at the same time.

I feel desperate to talk to someone, to have someone’s company, like I’m afraid something extremely bad will happen if I’m left on my own. I absolutely need to talk to someone and have someone listen to me about how I’m feeling, someone to at least try to understand. I feel desperate to gain some advice on what to do to make the left over anxiety and confusion go away.

While all this goes on I can’t stop crying, the inner turmoil is so hard to bear that I can’t stop the tears. It’s like a flood gate has been opened and I simply can’t stop the water, in a way the crying both hurts me more and helps just a bit to relieve the pain inside at the same time. Sometimes it takes about an hour sometimes longer before I can stop crying and try to sort out how I feel and try to calm down enough to be able to think clearly. Thank God that I’m usually able to continue looking after my son even when I can’t stop crying, sometimes he helps to calm me down just by being the sweet, cute little child that he is.

Now on medication the floodwaters have stopped for a while, the waters are calm and I can breathe and think reasonable normal again. The arguments and misunderstandings have reduced, I’m a much calmer, more self controlled version of myself again.

It’s ok and good for your body to try to go without medication for a while, but sometimes you simply have to give up the fight and allow yourself to accept a bit more help if you need it. For me, that extra “umph” and push I need to be able to function more normally is to be on medication again for a while. I don’t see it as a negative or as my loosing the battle at all, loosing the battle would be if I totally gave up on myself and on life and actually killed myself. This is just a respite, a way to give myself the extra help I need while I work on my emotional and mental health and work on re-writing the automatic tapes that play in my mind.

Busy as an artistic Beaver…

Busy Beaver ArtistFor quite some time I focussed only on creating Junk Journals. I was quite lost in making as many junk journals as I could to improve my hand craftsmanship so that I could try to sell them to get some money to use for more art supplies. As with any new artistic and creative endeavour it didn’t go very well. I don’t have enough friends, I don’t know how to promote my artwork properly etc…

I have been enjoying the process however, and it has been reducing my levels of stress and anxiety, which is always my main goal in creating any artwork. Achieving a more relaxed and happy state of mind, has always been my main first priority when I try to create any artwork or craft piece.

Very recently, I started multitasking on my artwork and started branching out and working more on my normal artwork in stead of focussing solely on junk journals.

I have started working on some ideas for creating more artwork on canvas and started doing some research to start getting inspiration for my first developmental sketches etc. I plan on creating grouped themed art pieces that potentially could be sold. Again, for me the main focus is to have fun and to reduce as much stress from my life as possible, but there’s certainly no harm if I’m able somehow to gain some income from my artwork…

Current projects and art collaborations I have become involved in include:

  • Facebook-Youtube Art collaborations, which I believe will help get my artwork noticed.
  • Youtube channel input, I’m working towards starting to post on my Youtube channel again and hopefully I’ll find ways to continue posting regularly. I hope to post video’s at least once a fortnight, as opposed to never posting…
  • Working on ideas for products to add to my Etsy store, developing product ideas and prototypes etc.


Working on new ideas!

imageRed Girl Quote -Etsy Small Pic

I’m assuming that a lot of you realise after some time researching, that making money using any sort of artistic talent, is not easy.






For me, it is extra hard as I’m not exactly a socialite of any sort! I usually prefer avoiding any sort of social contact as I find it extra hard to relate to people.

I find it very hard to get along with and chat to people for very long as I end up with some sort of disagreement or misunderstanding. My emotional/mental symptoms are so bad these days that it’s like my emotions are literally on my sleeve, for some reason I find it very hard to hide my feelings and thoughts from the outside world. I never quite mastered the art of using a poker face and hiding my emotions, I’ve always been told my emotions show directly on my face and because people don’t know why I frown etc it “gives wrong impression” of me.

These factors make it even harder on me to try to “sell” my artwork to people, as I find it extremely hard to approach people and try to “sell” my ideas etc. I am no good at talking about myself as I’m mostly stuck in low self-esteem issues. It’s also hard for me to read people and judge what they like/dislike etc, I find it very hard to understand the human race in general.

This also makes it hard to guess or judge what type of product that I’m able to produce may or may not appeal to other people and make any sales.

Amongst dealing with continual life issues etc., that I am trying to deal with, I am trying to develop and come up with some new ideas on how to use my Art/Craft to generate some type of extra income to help my hubby support out family.

At the moment I’m working on a range of different ideas and debating on which direction to take my art. I have some interest in my fashion art that I have produced in my art journals by people that have seen them in person. I’m still working on the idea of testing how many people may really be interested in them and am working on developing product ideas on how to use my fashion drawings to create artwork that can be sold.

I may continue with my digital stamps/journal kits ideas and continue trying to sell them on Etsy as extra income. For the moment a few people I speak to in the “real world-offline” are pushing me to create bigger artwork on canvas using my fashion drawings as the focus.

I am researching and generating various ideas to create a few different “series” of artworks using my fashion drawings by using a focus point idea, such as a set of all evening wear fashion art pieces, or culturally focused art pieces…