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Why I create


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I create art and craft in order to survive. Whether or not other people like or praise my efforts, I need to continue creating in order to stay sane. For me it’s like a lifeline, it’s what keeps me going on with the struggle. In order for me to keep up my efforts to try to stay “normal”, I need a way to escape now and then from the real world.

If I don’t zone out at least once every day for at least half and hour, I feel as though stress and outside negative comments and criticisms become my one focus. I can’t switch off from all the negativity in the world that affects me, critisism and negative feedback from everyone in my life simply become too much for me to handle.

There are only a few techniques open to me to try to switch off all the negativity from outside and my art and craft are just a few of them. I either need to read a good  novel, listen to music and daydream or I need to create some type of art or craft project.

At the moment painting is the main activity I have chosen to try in order to switch out all the negativity around me. I get to concentrate on something that at least a few people are able to give me more positive feedback on. It’s so hard to get other people to understand that I need to have some positive feedback in my life on something that I am good at in order to feel good about myself. In order to get away from my inner negative chatter and to be able to ignore or forget the affects of all the negative  critism and feedback I receive from the outside world I absolutely need to let go and get away from the real world for a while.

For some reason it’s be very hard to get other people to accept and allow me to continue harmlessly creating my art and craft. I can’t figure out for the life of me why it’s so hard for people to simply allow me to get away from stress for a while.

Why is it so hard for more normal people to understand that some of us simply need the little bit of extra attention and positive feedback on something we create in order for us to be happy?


Various works in progress

Ok so now that I am up and around again, I thought I’d just post a few pictures of my newest projects.

The first one is a painting I started just yesterday using one of the exercises from my self art therapy ebook “Creative Happiness”. I chose to try my exercise in painting my emotions out in an image using weather or nature to show emotions. It’s called “Tornado out at sea”…

Somehow it did help to start painting in darker colours for the tornado, it helps to get out some of the inner negative emotions to some extent. It also kind of feel good to be painting something that more accurately reflects my inner emotions, rather then simply painting something to be pretty.

The other two are two girl images, one is a fashion girl image and the other is a ballerina.

Mostly for the last few weeks I have been trying to paint with Acrylic paints and using the images and the painting strokes to try to paint out my negative emotions. It seems to work as long as my symptoms are not at the very worst, once I am too depressed I tend to steer away from painting however as my hands are not very steady when I am too anxious and I seem to tend to muck up the paintings if I force myself to paint.

I have so far enjoyed working on the tornado image and plan to do more artwork based on my own exercises, both to try to get the benefit of the art therapy itself and I found it fun to try to express my emotions with the art. I will continue posting any other art work I create and will try to focus on the ones related to my art therapy book exercises.

Why I don’t totally give up on my handcraft activities & my newest project!

Hi, it’s been a while since I posted consistently. As usual my mental health, family activities and family issues keep getting in the way, but health and family always comes first for me!

I completed a new junk journal for my etsy store, and yes I still do have a small store, even though it has less then 20 items listed! I don’t allow myself to completely give up on it, even though I only get one sale for every five or so months it’s up there!

It’s helps so much for uplifting and keeping my mental health in control to know that I am at least trying to give it a go. It helps to have at least one activity that I actually don’t give up on totally… Almost everything else I’ve ever tried in life I always give up on or have been asked to move on from other people. There is just something about knowing that I am still trying to find a way to make the etsy store work that helps keeps me grounded mentally. It helps to know that I have at least one thing in life that I have not yet run away from. Even though the store is not exactly very popular, even just those one or two sales every once in a while help to make me extremely happy and I feel as though I am at least achieving a little of something.

That in a life with mental health, is actually quite a big thing, to have something that helps to make a person feel useful even if only sometimes, those days when you do get a positive outcome even if it’s spaced out, help to make you feel good.

Haven’t been “blogging” in a while…

I took a short break from “blogging” while I worked on a major personal project related to using art as self therapy…

I also had a few health issues pop up and rear their ugly heads again. My health kept me back mostly due to both emotional as well as physical pain I had do deal with. Both kept me from being very motivated to doing much creatively, but mostly my main project had me busy for most of my busy time as I am getting very near to completing it. This main project was also helping me a lot with dealing with my emotional pain and issues and so I allowed myself to focus mainly on that for this reason also.

Sometimes we need to step back from some of our commitments if something more important and more beneficial has to be done. As this project I was working on was helping me so much with my working on my emotional and mental health I allowed it to become my main focus and so I was unable to get online as much as I would have liked and I was unable to spare enough time to work on my blog.

I have been working on an online self help guide using art and craft exercises for people to use their art and craft as self therapy to finding better happiness. It includes a short biography of my life and my symptoms and then goes into how to use art and craft for people with similar emotional issues to help decrease emotional symptoms and become happier and less stressed emotionally.

I am almost ready to launch a product that I am going to put online for sale sometime close to near years eve in 2017. I will be taking the next few months to test the product and ensure that it gives the benefits to people that I hope it to. I will be looking to find some volunteers to help me test the product, I have so far one extra volunteer and will be looking to find at least a few more before the end of the year.

If anyone is interested in helping out in testing my product, you can contact me either via email at: craftydivazaus@gmail.com   or on my Facebook account using Private Messaging: Jay Divaz 



Keep on working…

Despite more ongoing personal problems interrupting my creative ideas. I’m still around and I keep on working on my ideas to make new creative products and ideas to help inspire everyone!

I’ve been especially busy recently with appointments for our 3 year old (speech therapy & other related services) as well as other personal issues that pop up once in a while. I literally haven’t had any time or energy to write or post anything useful.

I have been working on a few junk journals that I am making for some swaps I’ve agreed to join in on. I mailed out a small package for a “Random Acts of Kindness” swap I joined and have been slowly working on one junk journal for a personal swap I agreed to with a new online friend that I made recently. I have also been working on generating ideas to continue improving the quality and other aspects of my design of fabric junk journals (with paper pages, pockets etc).

Here is a photo of one of my fabric junk journal samples (also for sale at my Etsy store at a reduced price).

My main work has been mostly on ideas for junk journalling and I have been experimenting with a few new ideas to make hand-made embellishments to add to projects. I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos and trying out ideas I like from tutorials and posting a lot of pictures and comments on Facebook art/craft groups I joined.

Some embellishment examples…


I will be making more samples to get the method right for the folded butterflies and start using them in decorating my journals and adding in as fun embellishments for pen-pals and online friends I do any art/craft swaps with. I have also been doing a lot more experimenting with hand-making other styles of hand-made embellishments for artwork/journals. I will posting some examples of what I have made at a later stage…

Late Blog Post – Quick Update

This weekend we had our toddler’s birthday party. I was totally unable to write a blog post, let alone post it online.

Here’s a little about what I’ve been thinking about and working on lately…

Red Girl Quote - @SidedProject Watermark Copy


I’ve read a few tips online about starting small business ideas etc and posting video’s and information online about products to sell versus posting information and blogs/vlogs etc about things like mental health. Most of what I’ve real lately all points to people believing that products and art/craft that you try to sell and information you give about dealing with emotional and mental health issues should be kept seperate.

I’m of the opinion that in some circumstances this may be unnecessary. For me, my art/craft is actually a form of therapy for the emotional and mental health issues that I have. They help me deal with the pain and confusion I suffer with anxiety and from the symptoms I live with. Some of my business or product ideas actually focus on how I use my art and craft in dealing with all of these issues.

I plan on completing my zines and e-book and try to post them online on Easy in order to sell them. I plan to try to make some profit from selling them to help buy more supplies etc to continue my creative processes in order to continue to try keeping me more happy and sane from the emotional upheaval of my symptoms.

I don’t think it is absolutely necessary in my circumstances to keep my craft/art and my emotional and mental symptoms and issues one hundred percent seperate. Some people I chat to online have openly asked me how I deal with my symptoms and my craft and art play a very big role in my managing my symptoms.

I used my craft and art work to help maintain my sanity and reasonable emotional levels while I was off all my medications since I married my husband in 2012. For atlas four years I was able to continue a reasonably normal life without taking any medication for my emotional or mental health. Although I have now been put back on medications from a new psychiatrist I have started seeing, I will happily continue using my creativity to assist in managing my symptoms.

For me my creativity is a way to vent, it lets out the angry and other negative emotions in more safe, non-egressive ways. It helps to vent any negative emotions I may have against anyone and helps reduce any rude or bad behaviour I may show against anyone. When I am feeling low, it helps make me feel somewhat useful and productive and gives me atlas a small level of confidence. It gives me extra excuses to get out and try to communicate with other people. It stops me from wanting to completely hide in the house away from others and makes me really want to talk to people and show them my artwork.

I may edit my zines and e-book not to be solely about managing my symptoms without medications, but I will definitely continue working on them as the main ideas behind them are about using creativity, craft and art work to help manage emotional and mental health symptoms.

If you use your creativity in helping you deal emotionally or mentally, I’d love for you to post links or pictures of what you create. Let me know, I’d love to look at what other people do to cope and what artwork other people create.