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Current art and craft projects

Here is an update on my current projects!


This is my first completed art project, an acrylic painting on canvas paper, it’s called Fashion Diva and is available for sale on both bluethumb and on my etsy store. This is a painting depicting my love of fashion and art.


I am also working on another acrylic painting on canvas paper, which I am calling Broken wing. For me this depicts my struggle against the outside world. It shows my struggles with other people and how I feel broken down by my bad experiences with people and how they used and emotionally manipulated me etc.

So the angel represents me as how I see myself as innocent being wanting to be friends and help people and the broken wing and grey background is to represent the sadness. The broken wing  represents how the badness in life in general and in people that breaks my heart.

This is how I am using my art to get out some of my negative emotions and thoughts, crating art that depicts how I feel and my thoughts has been a lot of fun and reduces me stress and anxiety to work on things that I enjoy. This is how I have been continuing my self therapy if letting go negativity from inside.

I am also working on creating art journals so I can continue creating smaller works of art and to include quotes and affirmations to help reduce my stress and other symptoms on days I feel bad.

How do you use your creativity, do you use it to relieve stress and does it help reduce negativity for you?


Various works in progress

Ok so now that I am up and around again, I thought I’d just post a few pictures of my newest projects.

The first one is a painting I started just yesterday using one of the exercises from my self art therapy ebook “Creative Happiness”. I chose to try my exercise in painting my emotions out in an image using weather or nature to show emotions. It’s called “Tornado out at sea”…

Somehow it did help to start painting in darker colours for the tornado, it helps to get out some of the inner negative emotions to some extent. It also kind of feel good to be painting something that more accurately reflects my inner emotions, rather then simply painting something to be pretty.

The other two are two girl images, one is a fashion girl image and the other is a ballerina.

Mostly for the last few weeks I have been trying to paint with Acrylic paints and using the images and the painting strokes to try to paint out my negative emotions. It seems to work as long as my symptoms are not at the very worst, once I am too depressed I tend to steer away from painting however as my hands are not very steady when I am too anxious and I seem to tend to muck up the paintings if I force myself to paint.

I have so far enjoyed working on the tornado image and plan to do more artwork based on my own exercises, both to try to get the benefit of the art therapy itself and I found it fun to try to express my emotions with the art. I will continue posting any other art work I create and will try to focus on the ones related to my art therapy book exercises.

Keep on working…

Despite more ongoing personal problems interrupting my creative ideas. I’m still around and I keep on working on my ideas to make new creative products and ideas to help inspire everyone!

I’ve been especially busy recently with appointments for our 3 year old (speech therapy & other related services) as well as other personal issues that pop up once in a while. I literally haven’t had any time or energy to write or post anything useful.

I have been working on a few junk journals that I am making for some swaps I’ve agreed to join in on. I mailed out a small package for a “Random Acts of Kindness” swap I joined and have been slowly working on one junk journal for a personal swap I agreed to with a new online friend that I made recently. I have also been working on generating ideas to continue improving the quality and other aspects of my design of fabric junk journals (with paper pages, pockets etc).

Here is a photo of one of my fabric junk journal samples (also for sale at my Etsy store at a reduced price).

My main work has been mostly on ideas for junk journalling and I have been experimenting with a few new ideas to make hand-made embellishments to add to projects. I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos and trying out ideas I like from tutorials and posting a lot of pictures and comments on Facebook art/craft groups I joined.

Some embellishment examples…


I will be making more samples to get the method right for the folded butterflies and start using them in decorating my journals and adding in as fun embellishments for pen-pals and online friends I do any art/craft swaps with. I have also been doing a lot more experimenting with hand-making other styles of hand-made embellishments for artwork/journals. I will posting some examples of what I have made at a later stage…