Currently I have been busy, (with family, as usual – no surprises there, day in day out, love, stress and mess! lol)

I have also been working on developing all the different parts of my hobby/micro-business idea for handmade paper crafts, namely handmade junk journals, art journals etc.

I love programs that help us non-html speaking people get around to making websites etc without spending money hiring professionals. If you’re not already running a business with a lot of income or working a high paid job, what else can you do but make use of freebies?

I am developing my blog/website, YouTube videos to make new friends and gain confidence etc, developing my product range to sell in the near future. It’s all a lot of work and can be hard to juggle around 24hr job of being a housewife and mother. If you suffer from problems related to stress and anxiety, it becomes an even harder job!

I will be adding a Craft for Life section, as I believe we also continuously work on crafting our lives also. This will be mainly a self-help type of section, related to finding ways to use hand craft and art for self-healing and some other general knowledge about ways to handle life’s tough times.

Although I am having a lot of fun, it can be tiring and stressful in itself starting new projects like this! It can be hard finding time, energy and can be tricky working around all the technical jargon related to movie editing for YouTube etc.

Looking forward to making lots of new online friends and learning as much as possible!

My Etsy store, where you can find some of my craft/art for sale. I use the profits from my artwork to buy more supplies to continue creating more artwork. This continues my cycle of self-help art therapy.


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